Finding the Missing Clues to Relapse

Relapse is the single most difficult aspect to manage when facing drug and alcohol dependency issues. The key to success is catching the relapse upfront, prior to a full relapse episode. Prelapse™  includes patent-pending technology that enables individuals struggling with alcohol and chemical dependency issues to become more aware in real-time, of the hidden dangers that lead to relapse.

Reach Out for Help

The inability to reach out for help regardless of the cause cripples some of the most devoted sufferers in crisis. By collecting various personal data points throughout the recovery process, the Prelapse™ app tracks and helps identify emotional, environmental, and social triggers that lead to relapse issues. Prelapse’s team developed sophisticated, complex algorithms that provide relapse warnings that are just in time.

Data and Science-Driven

Built into the Prelapse platform are national statistics, alcohol and chemical dependency best practices, geospatial technology, and the ability to capture individual end-user data.

These data sets, coupled with a collection of real-time emotional cues, can arm recovering individuals with a personalized solution. The platform identifies specific problematic relapse triggers based on individual data by detecting potential relapse cues and triggers prior to a full relapse episode.

Configure to the Person

The Prelapse platform is completely configurable and customizable by the end-user and accessible via any personal device. By collecting and processing a myriad of emotional, psychological, geographical, and social matrices, end users are in a unique position to monitor, track, and react to emotional deviations that can lead to relapse.

In addition, the platform can alert multiple participants who are stakeholders in the end-users recovery process. Stakeholders are participants in the end-users recovery network. Because the app is highly configurable, various participants within the end-users recovery network can be notified based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to, the severity of relapse danger, relapse location, and their relationship to the end-user.  Prelapse™ is the ideal companion for recovery support, fits perfectly, and can aid greatly in ALL alcohol and drug-related support groups!

Using Best Practices to Drive Success

Based on data collected by leading drug and alcohol centers in the U.S., the inability to accurately identify both internal and external dangers, accompanied by the inability to identify emotional deviations and lack of time to respond are among the leading issues by alcoholics and addicts.

A survey conducted by the National Council on Alcohol and Drug dependence (NCADD) concluded that most recovering individuals do not directly contact the appropriate support people when in emergency situations related to relapse.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive contact before or even well in advance of these seemingly impossible situations especially in early recovery? The answer is a resounding yes by recovery professionals, therapists, alcoholics, and addicts.