Join the Movement!

At Prelapse we believe that getting clean and sober is up to the Individual, but staying clean and sober “takes a village”.  It takes an entire ecosystem of Partnerships.

Charitable Giving – Buy One, Give One

For every paid Prelapse subscription, we donate a license to charitable organizations serving the world’s uninsured addicts and alcoholics

Solution Providers

Systems Integrators, Value-added Resellers (VAR’s), Consultants, IT Professionals, and adjacent technology providers – Earn Great Commissions promoting Prelapse and join the movement.

Association Referral Program

Prelapse provides discounted Licenses to your Association’s Members.  Prelapse pays the Association a Referral fee.  Lives are saved – it’s a Win, Win, Win, Win!

Technology Partners

It takes a Technology Village as well.  From Infrastructure (AWS) to Wearables and Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Geospatial, and Social Media partners all contribute to the world’s first Relapse Hack.

Charitable Giving

Substance Use Disorder knows no socioeconomic boundaries and does not discriminate on any level.  At Prelapse, we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives.  For every paid Prelapse subscription, we donate a subscription to help break the cycle for another relapsing alcoholic or addict.  Breaking the cycle has the ripple effect of making families whole again and creating healthy environments where future generations may never directly experience the harmful effects of SUD… all of that can be accomplished by putting just one, free, Prelapse subscription in the hands of a willing alcoholic.

We work closely with charitable organizations around the world to fulfill our “Buy One, Give One” mission.  We partner with Upendo to help research, organize, place and support our gifted subscriptions in order to maximize our impact.

If you are interested in learning more about our “Buy One, Give One” mission, or nominating a recipient organization, please contact us.

Association Referral Program

We partner with like-minded Associations.  These are typically organizations whose members are:

  • Driven to make a social impact
  • Committed to self-improvement and empowerment
  • Dedicated to helping those afflicted by SUD
  • Passionate advocates for mental and physical wellness
  • Leading research and professional standards in the field of Recovery

How it Works:

Participating Associations promote and make referrals for discounted Prelapse solutions to their Membership.  Typically, Associations are able to offer a 15% discount off the regular Prelapse subscription price to their Members.  Benefit for the Members? Check.

For every paid subscription resulting from the Association’s referral, Prelapse pays a 5% annual commission back to the Association after just six months.  Benefit for the Association?  Check.


  • Association ABC promotes the 15% discounted Prelapse subscription they have secured for their Members
  • Various Members purchase 100 annual Prelapse Subscriptions at the discounted association rate.
  • 6 months into the annual subscription, Prelapse pays 5% of the annualized revenue to be collected from the 100 subscriptions back to the Association as a charitable contribution
  • After 1 year of continuous subscription, Prelapse donates a free subscription aligned with our “Buy One, Give One” mission

In the end, Prelapse is able to reach more people in need by working with our Association Partners.  It really is a Win, Win, Win, Win that we are incredibly grateful to be able to offer.

Prelapse Association Referral Partners

To submit your Association for consideration in the Referral Program, please contact our Business Development Team.